Evolution and Eden: Integrating Genesis with Fossil Records

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Human Love is the Most Amazing Grace of All.

In my wedding ceremonies the short homily I like to offer, just before the pledge and vows is as follows: At the summons in the wedding ceremony.
Homily on the Mystery of Love.

The mystery of human love calls us out of ourselves into knowing, caring, cherishing and loving another human being. Scripture writers tell us that human love is the metaphor or the poetry of God’s love for us. The best image of the way God loves us is found in human loving. The Song of Songs, Canticle of Canticle in the Bible is about this.

Therefore the mystery of Human love is the most amazing grace of all. We are not born loving. We learn to love by others loving us. We learn generosity, self-giving, caring from our mothers and our fathers. Then, out of our usual and typical self-preoccupation, another person beckons to us. The mysteriousness of human love opens to us, and our own heart opens to the power, the delight, the erotic, the wonder and ecstacy of loving another.

This is the great mystery that ___________ and _______________ are affirming here today, publicly in our presence. This risking for the sake of love, this vulnerability for our hearts, is the greatest risk we take in life, for none of us knows what the future holds.

What is between ___________ and _____________ is already sacred and holy because it is already a sacrament, calling them into MYSTERY, the mystery of God’s love for us. The Spirit of Love, that love which so inspired Jesus life, is already here. And we simply recognize it, acknowledge it. And with you, for you, we CELEBRATE IT. And when we do this we recognize and acknowledge the vocation each of us has, to become LOVERS. . .

When you love, and when you make love to and with the other, you are expressing the same wondrous divine energy that created this magnificent universe, and everything in it. When you are surrendering freely to this loving, you are expressing your deepest, truest nature.

It is not that it is you that has found love. But Love has found you, and Love is your vocation. Not success, but Love. Not prosperity, but Love. You will find the deepest happiness only in this kind of generous loving.

____ and ______ Honor this love between you, nourish it, polish it, never take it for granted. Never keep score on who is giving more. Your heart is called into wondrous generous giving of yourself to this person. You are stepping publicly and solemnly into the the great Mystery of Love. Remember that this Mystery, which some of us believe is the Divine Energy among us, within us, will always ask more of you.

May this love which you have discovered and which has also discovered the two of you, be productive, bounteous and rich beyond your dreams.

What a blessed and happy day this is for all those who are here today to celebrate this with you.