Evolution and Eden: Integrating Genesis with Fossil Records

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OUR CHALLENGE TODAY a theology of evolution

Notes toward A theology of Evolution

who are we, how did we get here, what are we, and what is this one, singular, unique life of mine all about are critical questions for the thinking Christian today.

There exist two great stories that address these questions but neither story or its adherents are speaking to the other. Until recently the main story is the one in the book of Genesis in the Bible. The other is now held by practically all scientists in the wold today, the story of evolution, which is no longer a theory, but an established fact, with tons of fossil evidence.

Now as a Catholic. I do not believe there can be contradiction between faith and science, since they occupy different domains.
But since the story of creation in the book of Genesis is contradicted by facts of evolution, then I suggest we need a new story or midrash of creation, a theology of evolution so to speak.

I love mental challenges. So I have accepted the challenge to create and catch a new story, with Adam and Eve talking to god about their experience and the meaning of what happened in the biblical version. Last night, as a member of Dream Catchers, a group of Lexington Spellbinders, I gave my first performance of this story newly minted, a test drive at Natashas Café as part of s storytelling group performance. I took 30 minutes as m story had seven chapters. To my surprise my story was well received in this buckle of the bible belt town.

If anyone on this list would like to contribute to the ongoing development of this new creation story, they may do so by emailing me what must be the necessary and essential elements that the story must contain. In return, I will email them for their review and personal use the current version of my new creation midrash.

subtitle: How humans became believing and storytelling animals.

As I study this challenge, I gain new insists almost dally of how to integrate these two great story traditions. I will welcome suggestions. I intend to establish a blog for comment and discussion. During he next week. Thank you for listening.

Lexington Spellbinders.
Beginning reference
Jeffery Korsemeyer

NOTE I will be posting chapters of this new story of creation as it emerges here and look forward to your comment. AS of today June 30, I have 7 chapters but each is \evolving....